Extend & Relocate Your Electrical Outlet In Seconds!
The World's First Telescopic

& 360° Rotating Outlet Extension

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EZ to Use - Relocate Outlets Effortlessly!
Night Stands
Office Areas
Electrical outlets are often located in hard to reach places, behind couches, night stands, and under desks. 

Now you can access power effortlessly with EZ Outlet!  

Plug EZ Outlet into the original wall-mounted outlet and extend the shaft up to 36" in any direction to reach your power source more easily. 

Patent pending features
Power meets accessibility. With a cell phone charging ledge, two electrical outlets, a USB-A and a USB-C port, EZ Outlet handles all of your charging needs in one convenient location.
1. Cellphone Ledge
Built-in shelf creates extra space over top of any outlet.
2. USB Connections
1 USB-A and 1 USB-C. Charge phones easily with no cube power adapter.
3. 360° Plug Rotation
Adjust in any direction to your desired position.
4. Paint-Proof Gel Adhesive
Attach to walls using the reusable adhesive gel pads for extra stability.
5. Fully Extendable
Extends from 12" to 36" to reach your power source more easily.
6. No Installation
Simply plug into any existing electrical outlet and EZ Outlet is ready to use!
What Our Customers Are Saying
"OMG this is so convenient!"

"My mom has a bad back and really has difficulty moving furniture. EZ Outlet makes it so much easier for her to plug things in without struggling."

"I have multiple computer screens and a variety of electronic devices on my desk at all times. This device saves me from the hassle of climbing under my desk to access the electrical outlet every time I need to plug something in. Clever product!"

"Ahhhh this is perfect! I am using it next to my bed. It drives me nuts that my cell phone charging cord always falls off my nightstand."
EZ to Install - Reclaim Your Outlets!
Plug In
Plug EZ Outlet into any existing electrical outlet.
Extend EZ Outlet up to 36" to your desired height.
Adjust EZ Outlet's 360 degree rotating plug to desired angle.

Distributor inquiries welcome